Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ASI Study Shows Value of Ad Specialties Vs. Traditional Media

ASI recently released a study that they commissioned over the summer which shows, among other things, that promotional products are more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising (TV, radio, and print).

The study concluded that ad specialty products’ cost per impression is $0.004. That is 4 tenths of a penny for each time the item is used and the “advertisement” is seen.

Comparing this to Nielsen Media data shows that the cost per impression is below that of
- TV ($0.006-$0.019)
- Radio ($0.005)
- Newspaper ($0.0129)
- National magazine ads ($0.033)

Another interesting find is that among wearables, bags were reported to be used most often by the end user at an average of 9 times per month. They also deliver the most impression with an average of 1,038 per month. That means your logo and/or message is seen over 1,000 times a month by the end user or others.

Other interesting results include:·
- 84% of people remember the advertiser on the product they receive·
- 42% have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a product·
- 62% have done business with the advertiser after receiving the product·
- 24% are more likely to do business with the advertiser on the items they receive·
- 81% of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a balanced marketing effort, but here are a few statistics to consider as you evaluate where and how promotional products should be part of your marketing and event planning. I've seen a lot of customers cut out promotional products recently in an effort to cut back. We're all making cut backs, one way or another, in our businesses. Perhaps finding cheaper spiffs is the answer, instead of eliminating them all together from your marketing mix.

Please let me know how I can help you with your marketing needs for 2009. It's going to be a great year. Different than we had hoped maybe, but we'll make it!

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