Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Last Lecture

I saw the reprise on Oprah a while ago and I cried. If you haven't seen it, take 10 minutes and watch it here. (I know that there is a way to post it here, but haven't been able to do it after multiple efforts.) There is a full length version also available on YouTube.
I just finished reading the book. If you haven't, read it, even if you've seen it. I highly recommend it. It's available at, your local bookstore and you can probably check it out for free at your local library.

I loved the book. Not the best book of all time. Not the book to end all books, but a redemptive book that has helped me put my priorities together and and to motivate me to find balance in all the roles I play. I need to do that better.

Randy Pausch, the author, passed away this summer of pancreatic cancer. This book is his printed legacy, and a selection of turning points in his life. I'm sure we all have them and could write a similar book.

Anyway. I love things like this. I wish we all took advantage of the life that is ahead of each of us, however long that may be. Life was meant to be lived and my motto is "no regrets".
Have you read this book? Seen this lecture? Thoughts?