Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Calendars are the 2nd Most Popular Promotional Product

Did you know that calendars are the 2nd most popular promotional product in the industry?  Why you ask?  Good promotional products should be Useful, Long Lasting and Appreciated.  Calendars definitely fit the bill.    Here is the top reason you should include calendars in your promotional product mix:

Price Per View.  Calendars are relatively inexpensive already, but when you calculate the "Price Per View", they become even cheaper.  If your calendar is selected, your customer will be looking at your calendar often daily (or for office calendars, Monday through Friday).  Say you spend $2.35 per calendar, and your customer looks at your calendar only 100 days in a year, that's only 2 cents per day (NOT TO MENTION PER VIEW)!  Can you afford NOT to have your name in front of your customers EVERY DAY?

There are a number of calendar options.  In addition to the classic appointment wall calendar you can choose pocket planner calendars, large desk calendars, magnet calendars and more.  

So, how do you pick a calendar that's right for you?  Let me tell you about some calendars orders from the past:

1. I had a home medical company buy large desk calendars to give to doctors offices and insurance offices.  That way their name, logo and contact information is in front of people who will potentially recommend their business to customers.  

2. A local insurance agency picked the magnet calendar with their picture at the top to not only keep their number handy for their customers, but they also included a picture of the employees so that customers can see them and know who they are talking to when they are on the phone.

Give me a call, I can help you select the right calendar for your business.

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