Monday, October 5, 2009

Holiday Cards Extra 10% off through October

I can't believe that October is here. The season is changing here in Utah. We're wearing long sleeves and turning our heater on at night!

Now is the time of year when I'm working with clients all over the U.S. to find the PERFECT holiday gift or card to thank employees and clients for a wonderful year.

According to Hallmark, customers are 66% more likely to buy from a company or vendor that sent them a holiday card. Can you afford to loose on this business? What's great about the holiday cards you get from Doodads is that you can customize the message and/or add a company logo.

Times are tough. They are tough for homes and companies alike. I'm finding a trend that businesses are turning to Holiday Cards to let customers know that they are thinking of them during the season. They are sometimes cheaper than a tangible gift, but still sends the message "I care about the business relationship we've grown over the year".

The important thing is that you do something. You don't have to spend a lot of money to say thank you at this time of year.

Oh, and one more thing. ALL holiday card purchases made before October 30th will receive and additional 10% off Doodads already lower prices. (Call me to see the card options available!)

Let me know how I can help you find a way to celebrate and thank your clients, customers and employees for the holidays, give me a call!

Happy Holidays,


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