Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Touchpoint: The Annual Event for Women Entreprenuers presented by Startup Princess

On Friday, September 26th, I attended Touchpoint, the annual event for women entreprenuers. I was there as an exhibitor, promoting Doodads, but I also helped founder Kelly King Anderson with the back end event coordination. This was a great event, and I was super thrilled to be involved and to attend.

Keynote speaker, Heather Madder was inspirational, and so were the other workshop presenters and panelist. The content was fantastic!

There was also an Elevator Pitch Competition, and Sarah Jane Write, of Sarah Jane Studios was the winner. She has a promising business plan, I can't wait to see what she does!
My favorite part of the day was networking with wonderful and powerful women, and I made friendships that will hopefully be mutually beneficial for the long run.

If you are feeling bummed that you missed Touchpoint, you can attend the Startup Princess Academy Retreat in November. It's a two day event discussing Marketing to Women Online. The event will be held at Zermatt resort in Midway, Utah. Gabrielle Blair of DesignMom, and Holly Buchanan, Author of The Soccer Mom Myth are being flown in for the event. It will be a top notch event, don't miss it! If you'd like to know more, leave a comment and I'll get back with you.

If you haven't yet checked out Startup Princess, I highly recommend you make it a stop on your daily website check list. The information is useful and powerful.

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